Porsche, Engineered for Magic. Everyday.

When you lock your car do you turn back to stare at it? If not you’re probably not driving a Porsche. A machine that almost seems to have life, character and a personality. Porsche isn’t just transportation, It’s a lifestyle. Porsche ownership isn’t just about race tracks and lap times; it’s about having the best vehicle in your driveway. Porsche is a brand that has always focused on innovation without letting go of its core values.

With a brand that is always innovating, expansion is necessary.  Most Recently added the Macan. A small SUV that has a lot to offer.   I always say “It’s a sports car disguised as a SUV.”  On the other hand, tradition in mind.  Have a look at the 911 Carrera. Over 50 years after its debut it still carries the same lines.

Porsche ownership with Bert Smith Porsche is easier than ever. When it’s time for service you don’t have to waste your time coming to us. We will come to you. We trailer out a Porsche loaner vehicle drop it off at home or the office and trailer back your vehicle. When you get your Porsche back its been serviced and washed. Pick up and drop off is complimentary to all of our Clients.

For more information on Porsche and the model lineup please contact me at jaslan@bertsmith.com or 727-798-0920

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