Advanta- Best in the Bay 2018

What’s in your IRA?  Did you know you could hold rental property in your IRA? Most people have no idea things like real estate, private mortgages, tax liens, and private placements can all be held within a properly structured retirement account.  If you are wondering why you have never heard about these types of investments being held inside of an IRA it’s because most IRA custodians limit your investment options to the stocks, bonds and mutual funds that they sell and facilitate. That’s right, it hasn’t been IRS rules limiting you all of these years, it has been your IRA custodian.  That’s what makes Advanta IRA the Best of the Bay when it comes to retirement plans.  Advanta IRA empowers their clients to invest in things they know, understand, and control without limiting investment options. As a truly self-directed IRA administrator, Advanta IRA does not sell investments or give investment advice. They simply facilitate investments their clients choose and ensure that the recordkeeping for the accounts is performed properly and in compliance with IRS regulations. Their exceptional service allows investors to unlock their retirement funds to capitalize on unique and creative investment opportunities while maintaining the tax advantaged status of an IRA account.  Based in Largo and serving clients nationwide, Advanta IRA was established in 2003 and currently administers in excess of $900 million in over 5,500 self-directed retirement accounts. All of their accounts are invested in alternative assets like real estate, private mortgages, and private placements.

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