New Year- New You!

Congratulations! You made it to another year! And if you are part of the 58% of the population that makes New Year’s resolutions, chances are they might have something to do with weight loss or better eating/work out habits. Statistics show that close to 75% of Americans are either overweight, obese or morbidly obese, which can lead to serious health issues like diabetes, hypertension and numerous cancers. While the weight issues behind these health concerns are significant, the underlying problem is that we, as a society, are malnourished. Basically, we are consuming too much that is nutrient deficient and high in toxins. As a natural defense, our bodies store harmful toxins in fat pockets to prevent them from reaching our vital organs. So temporarily reducing caloric intake or restricting entire food groups does not encourage your body to lose unwanted fat. Rather, it’s more likely that you will start shedding water-weight and then muscle and reduce your metabolism in the process. According to RTD Jennifer Ventrelle, “most of the so-called diets on the market are potentially harmful” and based on my personal experience can leave you feeling run down and cranky. Thankfully, some small first steps can lead to big changes in your overall health so those resolutions can become actual life solutions!

It’s not a diet – it’s a decision! When embarking on any lifestyle change, your mindset is everything! If you start out seeing this as a temporary diet, chances are your results will be temporary as well. A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. It’s OK if you miss a workout or treat yourself to an extra yummy dessert – occasionally. Regroup and get back on track the next day. Filling your mind with positive thoughts and focusing on your long term goals will take you so much further than negativity!


Write your goals on post-it notes and place around your house where you can remind yourself throughout the day!

Consumption Counts! On average, guys should be consuming 1600-1800 calories a day and ladies 1200-1400. But it’s WHERE those calories come from that counts. Lean proteins, non-starchy vegetables and high fiber carbs should be the go-to for any healthy eating plan. And clean is key! Don’t trade calories for artificial ingredients that contribute to the toxins in your body. Our bodies are based in nature – our food should be too!


If you are burning calories with regular exercise, remember to increase your intake to balance the burn. Dropping below the average can drop your metabolism and put your body into fat-storing “starvation mode.”

Quit or commit?? So that’s the question right? Is this a temporary situation that will yield temporary results or are you committing to a healthy lifestyle with long-term results? True weight loss and health changes do not happen overnight, especially if you want to do it in a way that is maintainable! We’ve all seen the social media posts – “I worked out today and didn’t lose 20 lbs! WTH??” And yes we laugh – but really we are expecting those results. So have faith!! Keep making good choices more than bad ones, be consistent and be positive! What we tell ourselves shapes every single aspect of our lives so be kind to YOU!


Take progress pictures! Start with a before shot and take additional pictures over time. The scale doesn’t always accurately reflect the changes in your body over time.

And I get it! Healthy living isn’t always easy. But neither is being over-weight, tired and sick. With a little knowledge, time and organization, a couple small, first steps can lead to big changes in your overall health.

The results will come – and if you’re committed to a long-term solution vs a temporary resolution it will be a lasting change for a New YOU in the New Year! Happy 2018 healthy peeps!

Avoiding Pirate Season Pitfalls

Welcome to January 2018! For most people this time of year means a time for new beginnings, changes to health and wealth and a commitment to self-improvement. For those of us in Tampa – it means PIRATES! It’s official! Gasparilla is upon us which means festive parties, parades, fun and food! So with all the brunches,
fabulous cheese platters from Cheese Please and grog, is it possible to avoid crashing all your good new year intentions? Aye mateys it is! And here are a couple easy-to-implement tips to help you out!

Pre-party pilates anyone?

Well maybe not a whole class but try putting in 10 minutes of quick cardio or some floor time with sit-ups and leg lifts. Studies show that exercise can lead to better choices in other areas which could mean a better chance at saying NO to high-fat party fare for you! Build in an extra 10 minutes to your getting ready time and get moving prior to getting gorgeous!

Don’t save yourself for party time!

Save yourself from weight gain! It’s easy to quickly get out of control at a beautiful buffett spread, especially if you’re freaking starving! Make sure on party and parade day you get your 3 squares and try a healthy snack just before you leave. Some options – half a water-rich avocado to help with hydration, a banana loaded with potassium to counteract bloating from sodium, or a quick and easy protein shake are all great options to help take the edge off before you get your pirate on!

Work out your willpower muscle!

Just like anything in life, if you work at will power it will get stronger. Practice saying no in non-food and drink situations and you’ll be better able to resist your favorite tasty treats come party time. Here’s a simple trick in case that cheese-filled canape grows legs and starts chasing you around the room needing to be eaten: place the thumb of one hand in the palm of your other hand and your four fingers wrapped around on top. When that monster craving hits, tap each finger one at a time for a total of about 15-20 seconds telling your self “hold on”. It might sound kooky but it works and it looks better than running screaming from an invisible treat!

Make a pass before you plate!

When you get to the party, don’t hit the buffet like you’ve just been released from the ship’s brig!! Make a pass or 2 (no picking!) and pre-select the items that really get your mouth watering. After you’ve made your mental wish-list, go back to the buffet with the smallest plate available and enjoy all your favorites in moderation.

Don’t be the hostess with the mostest!

Mostest left-overs that is! If it’s your turn to host the pre or post parade fun, be cautious in planning for the amount of food you will need. If you over-plan for the amount of food you need for your guests in an effort to have a refrigerator packed with left-overs, chances are that’s not the only thing that’s going to get packed! Plan accordingly – there are lots of resources online to help you calculate amounts or consult a local caterer for advice.
If you do end up with extras, avoid that morning-after trip to the fridge to have dessert for breakfast and send your guests home with their party favorites! Not only will they thank you – so will your hips! So me hearties embrace your inner (and outer!) pirate and focus on the fun, festive part of Gasparilla! Make a simple plan to deal with all the yummy food and abundant beverages. If that stuffed mushroom or milk punch is screaming your name – plunder away!! Just don’t plunder ALL of it! You might not get to over-indulge to your hearts content but you won’t have to be escorted out of the party like an over-fed Captain Jack Sparrow!

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