At Home with Jarrett Bay: Redefined Coastal Living

 The essence of the Jarrett Bay brand is reflected in all our products – our custom sport fishing boats, our full line of men’s and women’s clothing, and our new Jarrett Bay Home furniture collection. It represents a way of life with the authenticity, adventure and spirit of coastal living. We insist that all of our products remain true to this core.

– Randy Ramsey, President of Jarrett Bay Boatworks


Through licensing agreements with Jarrett Bay Boatworks, partners Charleston Forge, Leathercraft, MacKenzie Dow, Uwharrie Chair, Red Egg, French Laundry and Prestige Arts have produced designs that are directly inspired by the tradition of boat building, and by a refined coastal lifestyle that embodies elements of Jarrett Bay’s elegant sport fishing yachts. The owners of those boats have always enjoyed, and often requested, fine furniture and décor; however, not everyone can necessarily afford to purchase a 60-foot custom sport fishing yacht. In order to serve all enthusiasts, Jarrett Bay’s licensed partners have created pieces which speak of the art of boat building and made them available to everyone.

The predominant designs of Jarrett Bay Home’s furniture collections are inspired by the historical and innovative construction techniques of the world-class boat builders who developed the now famous Carolina Flare™. The flare was designed to ensure a smoother, more comfortable ride in the historically rough and choppy waters of the Atlantic. Jarrett Bay Home’s furniture collections embrace the rich history surrounding the eastern seaboard, and include Upholstery, Occasional, Textiles, Designer Accent, and Art and Photography. They reflect a shared passion for honest, functional design. All collections combine classic American styling with refined comfort and character. Heritage, passion and craftsmanship earned our partners their distinction as some of the most revered custom brands in the design industry. Like Jarrett Bay’s boat-building craftsmen, many of the licensed brands have been producing furniture and other pieces by hand for decades.

The first to partner with Jarrett Bay Home, Uwharrie Chair, was an obvious choice from the outset. With 30 years of experience in handcrafted wooden Adirondack chairs, Uwharrie Chair began working with woods and other materials used in boat construction to create unique seating with a flair specific to the historic boat building process. Jarrett Bay Home’s relationship with Uwharrie Chair fostered another partnership with the metalworkers at Charleston Forge. Also with 30 years of experience in their craft, the artisans at Charleston Forge drew inspiration from the metal fitments and rigging on Jarrett Bay custom sport fishing boats to create unique pieces for the home, including table legs inspired by boat cleats. That design won a Pinnacle Award, which is the furniture industry’s equivalent of an Oscar.

Jarrett Bay Home partner Red Egg designs Asian-inspired furniture within a coastal niche. Specializing in day beds, wicker furniture, and bamboo, Red Egg softens these unique pieces with upholstery colors which draw on the hues of coastal living. The Asian cultural traditions of fishing and the sea parlay well into the lifestyle epitomized by Jarrett Bay Home.

Another partner, Prestige Arts, hosts coastal-inspired artists from throughout the southeastern United States. Artists creating works for Jarrett Bay Home are tasked with a general theme, such as “coastal inspired” or “fishing boats;” however, the end result is left largely to the artist’s individual vision, making each piece one-of-a-kind. Since partnering with Prestige Arts, many original works have been created, which have drawn additional artists directly to Jarrett Bay Home, seeking to produce pieces for the brand. This growing stable of talent is generating magnificent representations which draw on coastal living, fishing, boat building, and the sea.

Licensed works for Jarrett Bay Home have been receiving ever-increasing publicity at furniture markets and shows, with continually more companies expressing interest in licensing the Jarrett Bay brand and seeking inspiration from the lifestyle it represents. One of the newest partners is Breeze by the makers of French Laundry, which will draw on a decade of experience to design coastal-inspired upholsteries and draperies specifically for Jarrett Bay Home. The near future will see a new partnership with a lighting company, which will employ the muse of the iconic Jarrett Bay custom sport fishing boats to design themed light fixtures, bringing the sentiment which characterizes the Jarrett Bay brand into your home or office.

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By Ryan Rindone (@ryan.rindone)

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