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Burlap to Lace is a boutique wedding planning company that specializes in one-on-one planning services. Lindsay Jimison, owner and lead planner, has over 10 years of experience planning weddings and events in the Tampa Bay Area. Lindsay’s passion for weddings leads to a fun, stress-free experience for her brides – beginning with the perfect proposal.


“Conor came up to Rhode Island to visit me for a weekend. It was his first time visiting since I had moved, so we wanted to do some exploring. We talked about going to Newport for the day and he mentioned that he found a vineyard in Connecticut that looked really cool and offered early bird wine tastings at 10am. So we woke up early, ate a super cute breakfast in a little Connecticut town, and then were supposedly headed to the vineyard. On the way, we “happened” to drive by a sunflower field in full bloom – they are my favorite flowers so I asked if we could pull over and look at it, even though we were running late to our supposed wine tasting. Conor agreed, and we parked and started walking through the sunflowers. Little did I know, it was no coincidence that we drove by this field, as Conor had been planning to walk through this field with me for months. As we were walking, he started saying all these nice things and then stopped and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said ‘Yes!’ – through tears of joy – and unbeknownst to me, he had hired a photographer that was hiding on a hill and captured the whole thing. It was perfect! And then we went to a few vineyards after to celebrate”

  • Becca, wedding on June 30, 2018



“On December 22nd, I came home from a long work day and decided to take a nap before going out to dinner that night. I woke up and I walked into the living room and saw an envelope on the Christmas tree with my name on it. Mike said I could open a Christmas gift early! As I was opening the card, I looked around and noticed he turned off most of the lights and a few candles were lit. I was trying to read the card but couldn’t concentrate – I finally had come to terms with what was happening! As I was reading, Mike was getting down on one knee. I was obviously crying already, but still had not processed one word on the card. All I remember is him saying something along the lines of ‘I’m not so great with the words, so I wrote it in the card…. will you marry me?’ It took me a few seconds to respond because I was in shock and I couldn’t stop crying. After I said ‘yes,’ we read the card together. At the end of the card, it said ‘Please say yes!’ He wanted to write his thoughts in the card because he knows no one ever remembers what was said during the proposal! It was such a sweet way to always remember this special night! After, we went over to Mis En Place, our favorite restaurant in South Tampa, to pop some champagne and celebrate! It made perfect sense that we would celebrate our engagement there. When I walked into the middle of the restaurant, I was surprised to see a small group of our close friends and family there waiting for us! I loved that it was such a private proposal between us – then we were able to celebrate with our closest friends and family!”

  • Francis, wedding on December 29, 2018



“It was a Friday night and I was going home for the weekend from Orlando (where I lived at the time). Aaron lived in Boca Raton and was also coming home for the weekend that Saturday. That Thursday night, my two friends asked me to go out with them and have a girl’s night when I got home. I said yes, but to be honest I really did not want to, because I was trying to not spend so much money at the time and wanted to have a lazy weekend. Come Friday, they kept texting me about going out and I said I didn’t want to spend a lot; I even told Aaron I may not go because of that and he told me I should go and have fun and even sent me some money since he knew I was worried about it. Even with that I still was not in the mood to go! I was texting my mom that day, asking if we could just go to dinner that night. On the way home, still thinking I wasn’t going out with my friends, I asked my mom about dinner and she said they were already at dinner so I wouldn’t make it. Ultimately, I headed to my friend’s apartment in St. Pete. When I got there, we had some wine and my two friends said we should dress up for the night. Since I originally didn’t plan on going out anyway, and all I had with me were some t-shirt dresses, my friend let me borrow one of her dresses! I asked my friend to do my hair (this is nothing new), and she said yes and then said she would do my makeup too! I didn’t think anything of this because they know I have loved having them do my hair and makeup on many occasions, so this just seemed normal to me. While she was doing my makeup, we talked about when I thought Aaron might propose, and I said I didn’t know but I thought it was coming somewhat soon. Little did I know my two friends knew the answer to this question all along. After we were ready we called an Uber and had our first stop at The Canopy rooftop bar on top of the Birchwood. In the car, Aaron and I were texting, him asking if I was out yet, both of us saying how we couldn’t wait to see each other the next day and trying to make a plan. Once we arrived at the Birchwood, we took the elevator to the rooftop. We all walked in and I was headed to the bar when I saw one of our other girlfriends sitting on one of the couches. I immediately turned to one of my friends, and said ‘Cool, I didn’t know she was coming out too!’ And, while I was saying this, I saw one of our guy friends and that’s when I felt something was going on. This guy friend at the time lived in Tallahassee, so it was strange he would also be out where we were. In the minute it took my brain to process this, I looked up and around and saw more of my friends, then my family, and eventually Aaron. Knowing exactly what was about to happen I immediately burst into tears! I remember walking toward him and him getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him, but everything else is a blur. I wish so badly I could remember everything he said to me, but since I was in such shock, I honestly think I blacked out. This was a moment he and I had talked about for a while, and I always wondering if he’d really surprise me and pull it off… well he did! He planned this all on his own, with just the help of my two friends to get me there, but he pulled off the ultimate surprise with 30 of my friends and family, and I was at that moment the luckiest girl in the world! After all the photos and congratulatory drinks, we and our friends went out to celebrate! He then had another surprise up his sleeve with a room booked at the Vinoy to stay the night. He planned out every detail! No words can really describe my happiness that night, and if I had to just paraphrase what he did that night, well, it was the perfect proposal!”

  • Olivia, wedding on May 5, 2018




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