HERSCAN- Best In The Bay 2018

HerScan, Inc. is on a mission to fight against breast cancer by providing easier access to ultrasound technology. HerScan is a mobile breast ultrasound screening company that provides much needed access to breast ultrasound testing using state-of-the-art technology utilized by highly experienced RDMS Sonographers & Board Certified Radiologists. In the past five years, HerScan has screened over 36,000 women in 10 states. HerScan brings the convenience of breast ultrasound screenings to your neighborhood, setting up health events in spa-like venues around the country. By offering affordable scans without a required prescription, the HerScan program makes it easy for women to get access to this added information about their breast health.  HerScan helps women do more for their breast health, resulting in a higher detection rate of cancer than with mammography alone. The power of an ultrasound can increase early detection from approximately 48% to 97% in women with dense breasts, which includes 50% of U.S. women. Breast ultrasound is painless, uses no compression or radiation, is safe for breast implants, and takes a brief 15-20 minutes. All results are read by their team of Board Certified Radiologists.  Excellent breast health requires you to participate in regular physician guided exams, self-breast examination, annual mammograms, with the addition of breast ultrasound or breast MRI for a complete, healthy regimen. HerScan empowers women to do more for their breast health with powerful, life-saving ultrasound technology. Find their mobile medical clinics in your community by visiting www.HerScan.com

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