ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) – Best In The Bay 2018

ISR Instructor Becky O’Reily has had the privilege for fourteen years to teach thousands of children valuable potentially life saving skills. “It is very rewarding to see children use their skills in the water, to hear survival stories from parents, to see them grow with confidence, and enjoying swimming and floating with their parents. For twelve years I have commuted, teaching mornings in the Largo/ Clearwater area and afternoons in Palmetto/Parrish area. It is my commitment to make sure ‘not one more child drowns.’  Drowning is preventable if your child has the skills to Self-Rescue. Most children are found within five minutes after falling into the water. The difference between life and death is face up or face down in the water. Water safety, including locking pool gates, door alarms and being taught survival skills are all layers of protection to prevent a drowning tragedy. Infants are taught to roll over and float on their back to get air until help arrives if they accidentally find themselves alone in the water. Older children are taught to survival float and swim in a sequence until they can get out of the water.”  Infant Swimming Resource has given safe, highly effective lessons in the Tampa Bay area for over 50 years. Find more information at

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