How to make this year’s health resolution a success!


Achieving fitness and health success is a step-by-step process… one that doesn’t happen overnight — but DOES happen. In my profession as a trainer, coach, and studio owner, I have seen a number of individuals on a wide variety of differing paths toward wellness — individuals of various fitness experiences, financial means, and even physical impairments. However, no matter the unique differences, the fitness and health paths that ARE successful are quite similar and easy to replicate through the design of the proper approach or Plan of Action.

For the first step in that Plan of Action, I recommend you define exactly what being “healthy” means to YOU. Not a magazine, not your neighbor, not even your significant other. So…. Then… What IS healthy to you? Is it in reaching your fitness goals physically? Attaining nutritional balance? Mental clarity? Spiritual connectivity? Or, is it a combination of these things? Achieving these cornerstones of your health is the principle behind your TOTAL wellness — the very ideal that you strive to achieve, and the key to a balanced life. They are the key to living better, longer.

The second step in your total wellness journey requires understanding exactly what you need to DO to achieve those goals. In order to reach your goals, will you need to burn fat? Build muscle? Increase your cardiovascular health? Rehabilitate an injury? Design goals for an event? Stretch a little further? Attain enlightenment? Once your idea of wellness is defined and you understand what it takes to reach your goal, then the next step is to design small, achievable goals and to set benchmarks for your accomplishments.


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