Physical Therapy Is Not Just for Injuries


We play, we age, we play more and get hurt, and we heal. Then, we age more and that healing thing gets tougher and tougher. The biggest problem with healing is the time wasted that you could spend having fun and living life. Why waste time healing from injuries when, with a fraction of the effort, you can avoid them all together at any age? Here are three ways a physical therapist (PT) can help you steer clear of injury, before it even happens:

  1. PTs see clues of a potential injury.

2. PTs are excellent health and lifestyle educators.

3. PTs are more specialized than ever before.

It is outdated to think of PTs as whom you go to after you’re injured and after you see a physician. People all over the country are seeing results from going directly to a PT before the injury arises. Staying healthy takes so much less effort compared to after you’ve injured yourself! Do yourself a favor and go get checked out. You go to your dentist to prevent cavities; treat the rest of your body the same way.

Go to to read the full article in FLocal’s February issue as Dr. Eric Shchwitzer expands on the three ways PTs can keep you from injury.

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