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Hard work and innovation can pay off, and Westcoast Landscape and Lawns knows firsthand. Led by Joe Ronnlof, President, and John Harbord, CEO, they are setting the standard for attractive commercial and residential landscape design. “We do it all, everything related to the installation and maintenance of landscape,” says Ronnlof, and he’s not kidding. In a little over a decade, Westcoast Landscape and Lawns has grown to become the largest commercial landscape company in the Tampa Bay market, designing everything from large-scale commercial projects to multiresidential commercial properties. Ronnlof and Harbord have grown his company into a team of 270 employees that services an impressive 10-county footprint.

The secret to their success: pure determination.

“I borrowed a trailer from my uncle and borrowed my dad’s Lawnboy,” Ronnlof says. The company growth and impressive client list did not happen overnight, but by way of many jobs that were handled with quality, integrity, and professionalism; all core values that have become the motto for Joe, John and their team. “We were not a large company a decade ago, and at that time, we were primarily in the residential market.”

“My point in all this is to compliment you on having such a capable, job caring employee… One can realize your Company’s success with employees of Joshua’s caliber. I have owned here since 2004 and would like to acknowledge the fine job your company is doing maintaining our property.”

Richard W. – Audubon Condominiums

 Both Ronnlof and Harbord knew they would eventually have to expand into multiresidential and commercial properties, but lacked the required references for bidding on large-scale jobs. “We broke into this market with no references. We knew some loyal property managers that gave us the opportunity to work without references and we impressed them,” says Ronnlof. “After providing a high level of quality service to our clients, we continued to grow.” The rest is history.

Largest Landscape Company in the Region

As one of the largest landscape companies in the region, Westcoast Landscape and Lawns now works with a variety of commercial and residential clients, and takes pride in possessing the qualifications and experience to produce expected results. Innovation in horticulture is a priority at Westcoast. “We have every person and tool required of high level jobs. For example, we have a professional arborist on staff to examine and lead the crew on the treatment of fungi and specific pruning guidelines. Westcoast crews work closely with clients to determine their vision and needs, both from an aesthetic standpoint and basic requirements that are met and put into place behind the scenes or under the dirt,” says Ronnlof. The ultimate goal is to deliver an environmentally sound landscape plan that produces the coveted “wow” factor.

Setting the Standard of Excellence

We are known for our integrity, advising our clients on what will yield the best result; not necessarily what will cost the most. We consult on all aspects of a landscape plan, including which plants have a better survivability rate in Florida, and plants and landscaping that are more sustainable. We see to it that we are creating spaces that are attractive and reasonable, so that our clients aren’t overspending on utilities to maintain what we construct.” Ronnlof also emphasizes, “There is a distinction between us and other commercial companies that just do install work. We do it all, from inception, execution, and maintenance. Our reliable crews are on time, and we treat your property with the same care and attention every time. Our level of quality is performed as if the CEO or home owner is standing right there, watching our crews work. Our crews care about their work, they are part of a team, and they really enjoy keeping properties in our communities pristine and attractive. After all, they live here and patronize our clients also!”

“Thanks Westcoast, please tell your trimming crew and your weekly mow crew what an excellent job they have done. You and your company have given this Association a better understanding what a REAL Landscaping Company can do. Have a nice day!”

Carmen – Lido Beach Club

Crew dependability is a staple for Westcoast Landscape and Lawns. “Knowing by the end of the week your property will be serviced brings peace of minds to our customers. It’s a degree of comfort and trust that allows us to grow current relationships and generate new ones.”

From companies like Aegon & Publix Super Markets, to residential apartment communities, Westcoast Landscape and Lawns has set the bar high and it is easy to see why. For Ronnlof and Harbord they are living the American dream. Ronnlof says, “My father taught me at a young age that no matter what you do, be the best. I took that a step further and I wanted not only to be the best, but also the biggest. This truly is the American dream. If you want something bad enough, you just have to go get it.”

To learn more about Westcoast Landscape and Lawns, visit them online at http://westcoastlawns.com/. Find and like Westcoast Landscape and Lawns on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WoastLandscapeLawns/



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